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World Book Day

Children and staff at Genesis Day Care in Rochdale and Milnrow made a marvellous effort last week for World Book Day. The costumes were amazing and the activities were great fun.

World Book Day is all about encouraging children to enjoy books from an early age, and to fuel their imagination. Developing a love of books, and reading regularly as a child, gives them a lifelong pleasure, and an escape into the world of fantasy, dreams and limitless possibilities.

At Genesis, we read with our children every day, and they always have access to books. That’s very important to us. Some might naturally love to sit in a cosy corner by themselves and look through the pages; others may prefer to sit with an adult and read together.

Helping children enjoy books

Some children may not enjoy sitting while they read, so we find ways to engage them and excite them when the books come out. Sometimes, role-playing books or using props might be the way to grab their attention so they can fully enjoy the story. We ensure all our children access stories in the best way for them.

During World Book Day, we had many book-themed activities at our nurseries in both Rochdale, Milnrow and at the after-school club. Some children tasted fruit, and then printed with them to enhance the theme of the book Handa’s Surprise. Our construction experts built their own bridge and acted out Billy Goat’s Gruff. Other children had a Bumpus Jumpus with Dinosaurumpus!

World Book Day is a fun day for all to enjoy, but at Genesis we encourage the love of reading every day. When children from our nurseries in Rochdale and Milnrow head off to start school, we are confident that they are fully prepared for the journey ahead…

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