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Unexpected, wonderful praise!

As child care providers, we are engrossed in our everyday tasks. We do our jobs because we love working with children. We do not expect to be praised for what we do. When it happens, it’s wonderful.

Ensuring children are enjoying themselves, learning and achieving new things each day is what drives us. We always try to work with and involve parents in nursery life, but sometimes we don’t step back and see the positive effect we have on the parents and the families attached to our children.

Recently, after someone had posted on Facebook about which nursery to use in the Milnrow area, we were blown away with the comments of parents past and present. Every comment was positive, with so many lovely things said about our nursery team. It was fabulous to hear from parents that haven’t been here for years. It made our day!

It is inspiring to hear how much of a positive effect we have had with our children, and it drives us on to ensure we are always moving forward and improving at every level. As the last group of children left us for school in late August, we were given beautiful presents and cards. Our parents and children put so much effort into them.

 Here are a few quotes from cards:

“We will miss you all so much. We have been coming for 8 years.”

“We have watched her develop into a very happy, independent, clever, amazing little girl during her time at Genesis, and that’s all down to the amazing staff, and the love and care and knowledge they have provided.”

“Thank you so much. You have made the last three and half years amazing.”

It’s always lovely to receive thanks and praise, especially when you tell the staff that they have been mentioned in person.

Running day care nurseries can be a tough challenge, but the incredible children make it all worthwhile.

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