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The Genesis 99 Day Challenge

Genesis Day Care Nurseries want to know if you are you up for a challenge. Would you like to help your nursery win £500 of extra resources? 

Do you remember making perfume out of petals, or making dens with bed sheets? Well, we’d like to encourage our children to have some fun the old-fashioned way!

We have decided to set a competition between Genesis Milnrow and Genesis Rochdale to see which one can complete the most activities from our 99 Day Challenge sheet. But they need your help!

The 99 activities that can be completed in 99 days are listed below. Now don’t panic, this isn’t for each child to do, it’s a team effort between the nursery staff and your family and friends at home. So, if you can complete even just one activity at home, this can be ticked off the nursery’s list. All we ask is for a photo of the child doing the task so we can prove what amazing challenges our children are completing.

Pictures can be sent to your child’s nursery using the Parent Zone system in the normal way, just add ’99’ to the photo file name. The Genesis staff will compile the list in each nursery, and every week we will publish competition updates on the Genesis website, Facebook and Twitter to let you know which nursery is winning, and which activities have been completed.

Whichever nursery has completed the most activities by 15th January 2018 will be the winner, and they will win £500 to spend on extra resources for their nursery and children.

We think this is a great way for nursery and parents to work together to provide the children with some lovely activities, and great memories. We hope it might also ignite the imaginations of our children, and encourage them to play without the need of a screen or costing parents and carers a fortune.

We would love you all to take part. Let the battle commence! 

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