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Out Of School Club

The Genesis ‘Out-of-School’ clubs

Children need to be kept stimulated – even outside of school. They often have unlimited energy and crave challenging, fun activities. We provide both out-of-school and holiday clubs, so your child is always entertained in a safe and caring environment.

With a well-balanced mixture of fun and education, your child will have a great time in our company. There is also great continuity, as many of the children will have previously spent time with the staff in one of our nurseries.

Before & After School

Parents are busy, time is precious and children need out-of-hours activities. Genesis nurseries run before and after school clubs to help working parents juggle hectic schedules.

Based at Milnrow Parish school, we are open from 07:30am in the morning until 17:45pm in the evening (Monday to Friday). Our clubs are an extension of school life, but in a more relaxed environment. We also provide breakfast, healthy snacks and drinks – often picked by the children.

Ofsted said: “The environment is highly stimulating. Enthusiastic and happy staff join in with children’s play in this fun-filled club.”

Holiday club

How do you keep your child busy and engaged during the school holidays?

The Genesis holiday club for primary school children offers a varied range of exciting activities to keep young minds busy. Based at Genesis Rochdale (on Manchester Road), we encourage the children to be creative through arts, such as painting and modelling. The Genesis staff love showing off the children’s work, and it is incredibly rewarding at the end of the day to see delighted parents being presented with drawings, paintings and models.

The children play sports when the weather is fine, there are regular trips to the park, and we also organise visits to museums and farms. Sometimes, the mobile zoo brings exotic creatures for the children to handle.

Please contact us for more information about our out-of-school activities.