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New term, fresh start

September is always a fresh start in the nursery world. We’ve had the sad goodbyes with those leaving for school during the summer months; but then lots of new children start and the year begins again…

The first month is all about visits, and getting our new starters settled in. Some children seem like they’ve always been with us, and others have a little separation anxiety. This is something the nursery practitioners are used to, and it is part of our job to ensure that each child is comfortable.

We offer lots of love and care until the children feel confident in their new environment. However, it’s always difficult for the parents to leave their child during these first exciting but daunting days… but after a few sessions the parents are as relaxed as the children.

The practitioners use this time to individually assess each new starter and create a baseline by using various assessment tools. This allows us to plan for each child individually, and to ensure that we gear the child’s experience in nursery to their specific needs.

September is also a busy time for administration within the nurseries. The children’s details are added to our system – essential information like contact details and dietary requirements.

The Local Authority also requires information about every child accessing the two, three and four-year grant. On top of that, we have to submit data for all of these children regarding their development. The managers of the nurseries spend a lot of September inputting data that the nursery practitioners have provided on each child. The information assists us, too, as it allows us to track the children throughout the year to ensure that all of their next steps are being met.

Once September starts, we are already thinking about Christmas! It’s not just the retail stores who start planning for the festive period as soon as autumn arrives, and already the practitioners are planning the children’s parties, performances and presents (just to give Santa a hand).

Yes, it’s certainly a busy time of the year, but our team handles it wonderfully. A super-human effort for our little super-humans!

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