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Genesis freezes nursery prices for twelve months

Conscious that parents are struggling to meet rising child care bills, despite increased costs from wages and new pension contributions, Genesis Day Care nurseries has frozen their prices until April 2018.

Over past few years, costs to most businesses have continued to rise – particularly with the introduction of the living wage and the government’s campaign to encourage employees to embrace work-based pensions.

We fully support both, but Genesis also appreciates that parents and carers have seen incomes squeezed, and that child care costs are a major part of household outgoings.

This year, as a business we have taken the decision to ‘shoulder’ the costs and not increase our prices for the next twelve months.  We hope this gesture helps our valued customers.

Many of our parents at the Rochdale and Milnrow nurseries should also see a drop in their fees in September 2017, when the education grant will be increased to 30 hours for some of our three and four-year-old children.

We will update you on this as we get the information.


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