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Enhanced outdoor activities at Genesis

Childcare nurseries need to offer ever-improving facilities. At Genesis Day Care, we want to offer our children the very best. Ofsted said to be OUTSTANDING we need to improve our use of the outdoor space. So, we’re aiming to do just that!

Since the inspection (we scored GOOD by the way), we have contacted an outdoor specialist named Terry Gould. He has written numerous books on the early years. He is also an Ofsted inspector, and has advised countless settings and authorities on how to improve their provisions.

Terry came to see us last week and spent hours giving myself and the manager, Louise, some great ideas and suggestions about how to improve what we offer outdoors. We agreed to enhance our planning, particularly regarding exploring mathematics outdoors. To say we were enthused is an understatement. Terry’s passion is contagious!

Over the coming weeks, the Genesis staff need to absorb the information and adapt our thinking in some areas. We have many plans to formulate, and a few new resources to buy. Soon, we will have a staff meeting to bring everything together, and from there our enhanced outdoor ‘philosophy’ will take effect. As you would imagine, all this good stuff will be rolled out to our other settings too.

Terry will be back to have a look our progress and perhaps some staff training, and I’m sure add further suggestions as we continue to improve and evolve. We aim to be OUTSTANDING.

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