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Amazing 2017… bring on 2018!

Genesis Day Care has provided nursery services for Rochdale and Milnrow children since 2004, but 2017 was a fabulous year that exceeded all expectations. We’re determined to make 2018 even better for parents, staff and children. Get ready…

Having a look back through the events and activities that Genesis nurseries and out-of-school clubs have completed in 2017 fills us with absolute pride and awe. The dedication and commitment of staff and parents to ensure the children have a fulfilling time at nursery is commendable; and the abilities and confidence of our children as they leave and progress to school is testimony to that.

In the last twelve months, Genesis has improved the outdoor provision and resources available so that the children can access and experience the outdoors for 50% of their activities. We have grown flowers, vegetables, fruit and herbs; we have also reared butterflies from caterpillars. We’re epic!

We introduced woodwork and yoga, and we now visit our local old people’s home on a weekly basis to enjoy shared activities – and what a fabulous experience for our children and their new elderly friends that has been!

There have been festivals, we’ve performed Christmas plays and visited memorials. We have also been to libraries, fire stations, shops, parks and museums. We have been visited by police officers, dentists and miniature horses. The list goes on…

Genesis supports the local communities

In fact, we have also raised money for various charities, such as “Children In Need” and for the victims of the Manchester Arena attack. We have sent our food waste to a local farm for the animals, to further our recycling effort, and used lots of old packaging for junk modelling.

We have also continued to learn new skills. The amazing ‘Football Gary’ has visited us every week to teach football skills; and many of our children enjoyed a karate taster session which proved very popular to our little ones.

And now to teeth! We gained the Golden Grin Gold accreditation which means we take dental health of our children to the highest level. But there’s more… such as the open days and parents’ evenings that everyone looks forward to!

On the staffing front, we have had an employee celebrating 20 years with Genesis; that’s amazing, and shows complete dedication. We’ve also had new apprentices starting their adventure with us as they enter the working world.

Genesis 99 day challenge!

On top of all that, we’ve had our 99 Day Challenge which has encouraged staff and parents alike to provide old-fashioned and traditional activities for our children. The photographs of this year’s adventures have been wonderful to see.

All of the above is extra to our ‘normal’ day of playing, learning, creating and exploring. It truly has been an amazing 2017; we can’t wait to see what 2018 brings…

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